Farmers need to bring efficiencies in farming


Farmers in Pakistan would need to bring efficiencies in farming not only to remain viable but also to prepare for challenges ahead as poultry industry worldwide is transforming with a rapid pace and Pakistani industry would need to adopt these changes to compete at world level.

This was stated by CEO K&N’s and newly-elected Chairman PPA Khalil Sattar while addressing a training seminar here at a local hotel. He said that to provide better nutrition for health and happiness of the nation and continuing with its tradition of providing informative service to farmers and the poultry industry at large, K&Ns has introduced Cobb 500, the worldIs most efficient breed of parents and broilers in Pakistan and is also providing training to Pakistani farmers through seminars conducted by technical team of Cobb-Vantress Inc., USA.

Khalil Sattar said that the farmers in Pakistan would reap great financial benefits from the Cobb 500, compared to other breeds available in Pakistan. Adil K. Sattar, Executive Director, K&N’s, highlighted the fact that the world population is estimated to double in the year 2054, reaching approximately 14 billion mouths to feed.

He said that the land for crop production is reducing due to urbanisation and soil erosion while grain and crop are being used for ethanol production as green and renewable energy have gained a lot of attention recently.

Adil said that this has started a debate whether crops and grains should be used as feed (for livestock) or food (for humans) or fuel (to provide power/energy) and in the emerging scenario, agriculture and livestock farming had to be made most efficient. Thus, K&N’s joined hands with Cobb-Vantress Inc. to place Cobb grandparents for production of the most efficient parent stock and eventually broilers.

He said that Cobb 500 is the most widely used breed throughout the world. Cobb-Vantress Inc. employs a team of highly qualified and competent geneticists and researchers, aiming to produce the most efficient breed which has resulted in superior performance on low density rations, lowest feed conversion ratio, highest growth rates, highest livability, most feed efficient, best broiler uniformity and competitive breeder performance. Presentations were made by Ismail Mohammad, Technical Services Asia, Cobb-Vantress, and Steve Tweede, Member World Technical Support Team, Cobb-Vantress. Discussing the strengths of Cobb, sharing researches and some future plans, Ismail Mohammad said Cobb currently holds 48pc of the worldIs market share.

Explaining the critical aspects to successful Cobb breeder management, Ismail Mohammad further emphasized on breeder body weight curves, particularly highlighting the usual errors that are found in achieving target weights. He highlighted male management for fertility and hatchability of the Cobb 500 and feed cost saving during its growing. Steve Tweed while giving a detailed presentation on ventilation arrangements at the farms, emphasized on constructing hatcheries and farms keeping the technical requirements in mind as the insufficient ventilation causes frequent change in temperature which directly affects the poultry products.



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